Eco-Friendly Travel Toiletries

Traveling can do a lot of damage to the environment, especially when we aren’t consciously striving to make greener choices.  While there are many ways to travel sustainably, cutting back on waste is easy and makes a huge difference.  These recommendations will help you pack the best eco-friendly toiletries kit.  If you want more waysContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Travel Toiletries”

7 Things to do in Seville, Spain

Spain is the one country that I always find myself returning to.  Each region has something unique to offer, Seville and the South of Spain is particularly charming.  Seville offers warm weather, beautiful Moorish architecture, and delicious orange wine.  If that’s not enough to convince you to visit, it is also home to the PalaceContinue reading “7 Things to do in Seville, Spain”

The Importance of Protecting The Arctic Refuge

In 2017, Congress slyly opened up the coastal plains of the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas drilling under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Aside from the fact that high income families and major corporations were the ones to benefit the most from this act, it also includes Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Provisions. Continue reading “The Importance of Protecting The Arctic Refuge”