The Zero-Waste Movement: Fixing it’s Flaws

No one is perfect when it comes to leading an eco-friendlier lifestyle, but we’re all here doing our best and constantly learning and growing through our journeys.  The zero-waste lifestyle has been gaining traction over the years, and although the intentions are good, there are many flaws that should be acknowledged. What is the keyContinue reading “The Zero-Waste Movement: Fixing it’s Flaws”

Safety Tips for Every Solo Traveler

One of the most rewarding ways to see this world is as a solo traveler.  Though being an adventurous, mindful, and ethical traveler means looking out for and protecting yourself in the process.  It’s unlikely that something terrible would happen, but there’s always a possibility and preventative measures can help us prepare for the worst.Continue reading “Safety Tips for Every Solo Traveler”

Black Heroes Who Paved the Way for the Travel Community

In honor of Black History Month, I felt it important to highlight those who made a difference for Black travelers today.  Travel is a privilege that hasn’t been accessible or easy for everyone, but these courageous figures fought and worked hard to overcome the struggles of racism and inequality.  Bessie Stringfield At just 19 yearsContinue reading “Black Heroes Who Paved the Way for the Travel Community”